27 de September de 2023
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About us

We are the receiving firm 35680 of the State Lottery and State Betting Company.

We are specialized in the development of small systems of all games marketed by SELAE. For this we have a competent and efficient team, with extensive technical knowledge supported by advanced computer systems.

We will be happy to show you all the possibilities and options available to you in terms of betting; We are convinced that you will find what you are looking for.

Our history goes back to 1978 when the marriage of Maximiano and Mary 'la del kioskín', decided to add to the kiosk that ran in the commercial low of Contrueces and forced meeting point for the elders and neighbors of the neighborhood, the Sealing sports betting.

The year 1995 was when her daughter Maribel took over the business with the name of Reima, for two years later transfer it with great certainty, to the road of the Bishop, our current location.

Almost a decade later, in 2004, the third generation, Maxi Alvarez, broke in, contributing to the company a new identity, "El Xolot". With it come new technologies, continuous innovation and perfect techniques of gambling. All this without abandoning that daily deal that distinguishes the small business of the whole life and, combined with its commercial experience, make the "Xolot de Contrueces" A close and professional betting office characterized by quality customer service.

In the summer of 2010, after a complete renovation of the premises, the presence of our talisman "El Xolot" is incorporated, which, flanking our door as a guardian of luck and chance, awards prizes among those who, According to tradition they approach the tickets to him.

In our website you will see that there are other ways to play La Quiniela, La Primitiva, Bono lotto, Euromillones, El Gordo with our reduced systems. Our main objective is to optimize the bets to maximize your investment.

For this we have a unique statistical development processed by our advanced computer systems.

Come to our establishment and we will help you find the best method of play.

We're here to help you.

Despacho Receptor Nº 35680
Ctra. del Obispo, 34.
33210 Gijón Asturias
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Despacho Receptor Nº 35680
Maximiano Álvarez Osambela
Ctra. del Obispo, 34.
33210 Gijón Asturias
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