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Stars that are most repeated in Euromillions


El Euromillones ha sido por largo tiempo un generador de entusiasmo y expectativas para numerosos individuos en toda Europa.

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How to Make a Good Reduced Pool

quiniela reducida

The Reduced Pool presents a modality that allows you to participate with a number of doubles and triples at a significantly lower cost than direct play.

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What are the Chances of the Primitiva Winning?


La Primitiva se destaca como uno de los juegos más populares de azar en España. Brinda a los jugadores la posibilidad de obtener cuantiosos premios mediante la elección de una combinación de números específica. 

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What is the C in BonoLoto?


In BonoLoto there are 49 different numbers and six are drawn to make up the winning combination, in addition to an additional one that acts as a complementary number (C).

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Who Says EuroDreams Doesn

Eurodreams espana

EuroDreams has brought luck to Spain. In the draw held last Monday, January 22, 2024, an individual achieved the feat of earning a salary of 20,000 euros per month for three decades, thus becoming the first winner of this prize in Spain. The lucky person acquired their winning ticket at administration number 1 of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, located in Madrid.

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What is the Prize for Matching 2 Numbers in the Bonoloto?

acertar 2 numeros en la bonoloto

Day after day, numerous people join the Bonoloto in search of fortune and good luck. A key component of this lottery is its prize scheme, which gives participants the opportunity to win big with a modest investment.

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