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Buy tickets online: Maxiapuestas

The lottery has a great tradition in our country. King Carlos III was in charge of establishing the so-called "Royal Lottery" in 1763, although it was not until 1812 that the National Lottery as we know it today was born. Over the years, different modalities and games have emerged in State Lotteries and Betting, as well as new ways of playing, either through web pages, from mobile phones, using QR codes ...

Buying tickets online has become a practice as widely used as buying in a physical store. Today we will tell you about many of the advantages of buying tickets through our website.


Advantages of buying tickets online

Digitization has also reached the lottery world to make our lives easier. Playing online from Maxiapuestas has great advantages, among them we find:


-Great variety of games: From our page we offer you all your favorite draws with a simple click: National Lottery, La Quiniela, La Primitiva, Bonoloto, Quinigol ...


-Play in clubs: The clubs are groups of people who meet to place bets. Thanks to them, you can meet people and play in our little family.


-You will avoid unnecessary queues: Many people place their bets at the last minute, which can sometimes generate long queues. In Maxiapuestas you won"t have to wait a minute for it to be your turn.


-You will avoid the loss of the ticket: Being the winner of a first prize and not being able to collect it due to the loss or deterioration of the ticket should not be very pleasant. Playing online you will always have the security of receiving your prize.


-Same validity: Maxiapuestas is an official office of State Lotteries and Betting, therefore all bets made from its website are as valid as those made physically in administrations and will have the same guarantees and claims.


-Payment totally secure: When playing online you will also forget about bills and coins. At Maxiapuestas you will have the option of paying by card or Bizum.


-You will choose the number you want: Even if you are totally convinced that there is a number you should play with, it can be an impossible task to find it physically in an administration. In Maxiapuestas, you can quickly see if we have your number available or you can create it in a very simple way on our website.


-Instant notifications: Our platform will send you a notification in case you have been awarded.


-More comfort: You can play at any time and anywhere, whether from the sofa, from your favorite restaurant or from a friend"s house. In addition, with our APP you can be informed in real time about all the draws.


-No commissions: You will not have any supplement or surcharge for placing your bets on our website.

Buy tenths online officially

In Maxiapuestas, in addition to the National Lottery, you can also play with all the guarantees in the following draws:


-La Primitiva: Lottery created in 1763 during the reign of Carlos III. It was the first official Lottery created in Spain, and its objective was the collection to modernize the country.


-La Quiniela: One of the most exciting types of sports betting for players. It is a game based on the Spanish soccer league that has been held since 1942.


-Quinigol: This is a game of chance launched in 2005. It was born as a variant of La Quiniela, and in it you must guess the exact goals that will be in each game.


-El Gordo de la Primitiva: This is a form of La Primitiva that was born in 1993.


-Euromillions: This is a European lottery that was born in 2004. This draw has large prizes distributed in the following countries: Belgium, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Portugal and Spain.


-Bonoloto: Another of the modalities of La Primitiva. It was born in 1988 and is considered the "little sister" of lotteries, since it is the cheapest and the one with the highest probability of obtaining a prize.


Play in Maxiapuestas

In Maxiapuestas you will have all the official guarantees so that you can play your favorite draws safely and comfortably.


If you are interested in playing the EuroMillions special draw, you can do it from our website or our APP.  Let luck find you at Maxiapuestas!

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