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How to Play Quinigol and How It Works

How Quinigol is played and how it works

La Quiniela is the sports bet par excellence for football lovers. But, did you know that Loterías y Apuestas del Estado also manages other very similar sports bets? With which you can also win great prizes! One of them is the increasingly well-known Quinigol . Today we will tell you everything you need to know to become specialists in this football game.

How to play Quinigol?

Although the Quinigol has several similarities with the traditional Quiniela , there are clear differences between both games. To play Quinigol online , a total of six matches must be taken into account for each day. Unlike La Quiniela, when we play Quinigol it is not enough to predict the winner of the match. To play Quinigol online we must know which team will be the winner by finding out the number of goals .

Each Quinigol single bet costs €1 , and a maximum of six single bets can be made. But for the most expert, there are also multiple and reduced bets.

How Quinigol works

The procedure to play Quinigol is very simple. As we mentioned, it is necessary to predict the result of the six games on the ticket. This is made up of a total of twelve rows, which are grouped two by two. Each pair of rows corresponds to a match.

Each of the teams has different numbers and letters, coinciding with the predictions for each match. Thus, 0 would be equivalent to 0 goals, 1 to one goal... etc. The letter M is used when the forecast is 3 or more goals.

In the ticket we can find a box that is repeated six times to be able to fill, if you want, up to six simple bets.

Available Quinigol game methods

There are different game models available to participate in the Quinigol bet. To begin with, we can differentiate between two great options : the classic method through a ticket, or the online Quinigol.

Quinigol physical method

To play physically, anyone can go to an official State Lotteries and Bets point of sale, such as our Gijón lottery administration in Contrueces. Once there, you have to fill in the physical ticket with the desired forecast and then validate it. When this is done, the client receives a proof of participation that cannot be lost. In case of winning, you must present it.

Quinigol online method

You can also play Quinigol online through different platforms in a very simple way. You just have to fill in the forecasts of the ticket in digital form and validate it on the web.

Other Quinigol game methods

In addition to the simple bet, at Maxi Apuestas we offer two other options that are:

Multiple bets Quinigol

Those in which more than one forecast is made for some or all of the matches. In this way, the chances of success are increased.

Reduced bets Quinigol

In this game method, several bets can be placed on the same ticket at a lower cost than the previous one.

Now that you know how to play Quinigol online, don't hesitate to start your adventure in the world of online betting . Participate easily and safely on our online platform.

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