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What is the best reduced pool

Cuál es la mejor reducida de la quiniela


What is the best reduced pool?


If you are here it is because you are interested in knowing which is the best reduced pool to guarantee the greatest number of hits in your predictions. The truth is that there is no single answer to this question, as there are many alternatives available. However, in this post we want to recommend some of the most interesting reductions to maximize your chances of success.


Definition of reduced pool


Before knowing which is the best reduced pool to win, we want to remind you what they are and what the pool reductions mean.


reduced pool is a type of bet, through which we give up winning a part of the total accumulated pot. With this waiver, the cost of our bets is significantly reduced and yet we can still win millionaire prizes. 


A simple bet has a cost of €0.75 and includes 14 forecasts + the full bet at 15. A reduced bet allows us to significantly multiply the number of forecasts we make, since we can play numerous double and triple forecasts for a much lower cost. . 


What is the best reduced pool?


Currently, the State Lotteries and Bets defines 6 types of authorized reduced systems . They are, specifically, the following combinations:

First reduced:

4 triples to 13

9 bets

6.75 euros

Second reduced:

7 doubles to 13

16 bets

12 euros

Third reduced:

3 doubles + 3 triples to 13 

24 bets

18 euros

Fourth reduced:

2 triples + 6 doubles at 13

64 bets

48 euros

Reduced Fifth:

8 triples to 12

81 bets

60.75 euros

Reduced sixth:

double 11

132 bets



Of these combinations, one of the most successful is the second reduced. The reasons are simple: this reduced offers good value for money. Playing 7 doubles to 17 we will be able to cover 66% of the forecasts in, nothing more and nothing less, than 7 of the 15 games that appear on the ticket. That same live play would cost 48 euros. As you can see, the savings achieved with the reduced is more than considerable.


Although these are the reduced authorized pools, the truth is that there are endless possible combinations, since State Lotteries and Bets allow you to combine a reduced bet with a multiple bet. In this way, the number of bets can be increased practically infinitely.


In Maxiapuestas , we are experts in intelligent combinatorics and we have prepared some tables with all the reduced to 10, 11, 12 and 13 . You can consult them by clicking on the following links:


- Table of reduced record to 10

Reduced record tables to 11

Table of reduced record to 12

· Table of reduced record to 13


The best reduced pool will be the one that allows you to play the greatest number of predictions possible, with a moderate cost. Next, we leave you some very popular reduced systems with a high probability of success.


- 5 triples at 13 (27 bets) for €20.25

- 6 doubles and 2 triples at 13 (64 bets) for €48

- 4 triples and 4 doubles at 12 (24 bets) for €18

- 9 triples to 11 (54 bets) for €40.50

- 6 doubles and 2 triples at 12 (16 bets) for €12


€36 Method

There is a well-known method in the world of pools to increase the chances of success. This is the method of 36 euros . Have you ever heard of him? This mathematical system, like the rest of the reduced systems, allows us to play more predictions for less money. Specifically, with 36 euros we can play a reduced to 12 of 4 triples and 5 doubles for 48 bets.



Throw the pool from your house

Now that you know which is the best reduced pool, it's time to try your luck. Thanks to the Maxiapuestas web platform, you can play online pools without leaving your home. Maxiapuestas is an official receiving office of State Lotteries and Bets. Playing through our website does not imply commissions or additional costs. Your ticket will cost you exactly the same as at the window. You will only have to select your forecasts and pay the cost of your ticket with a credit card, Bizum, bank transfer or with the balance of your virtual wallet. Then, we will send you your scanned ticket to the email. Playing the pool in Maxiapuestas is comfortable, simple and 100% safe.




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