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Cancer Lottery Draw: lottery against cancer


Cancer Lottery Draw: lottery against cancer


The Extraordinary Lottery Draw Against Cancer , also known as " Cancer Lottery Draw " has already established itself as one of the most popular national lottery draws in the country. Every year Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, together with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC),  celebrates this draw with the main objective of raising funds to finance cancer research projects.


In 2021, the Lottery Against Cancer Draw will be held on April 10.


Buy tenth Cancer Lottery Draw


From the Maxiapuestas website (official receiving office of State Lotteries and Bets) you can buy your tenth special National Lottery Cancer Draw without leaving home, from your mobile, tablet or computer. You will only have to choose your tenth and follow the instructions that the platform will indicate. You can pay your tenth by credit card, by bank transfer, with iuPay or with the balance available in your user account. We will send the scanned ticket to your email account.


If you want to buy your ticket for the Lottery Against Cancer , you just have to click on the image to access our online store.


Tenth of the Lottery draw against cancer



The prizes of the Lottery Draw against cancer


The Lottery Draw Against Cancer allocates 70% of the proceeds to prizes. There are 15 grand prizes.

In the following column, we explain how the National Cancer Lottery prizes are broken down:


number of awards Amount each award receives Requirement to win the prize
1 - First prize €1,500,000 A 5 Figure Extraction
1 - Second prize €300,000 A 5 Figure Extraction
1- Third prize €150,000 A 5 Figure Extraction
12 €75,000 12 5-digit draws
40 €3,750 4 extractions of 4 figures
1,100 €750 11 3-digit draws
5,000 €300 5 2-digit withdrawals
two €21,000 Before and after the First Prize
two €12,000 Before and After Second Prize
two €6,225 Before and After of the Third Prize
99 €750 First, Second and Third Prize Hundreds
99 €750 3 last digits of the 1st Prize
999 €300 2 last figures of the 1st Prize
9,999 €150 Last figure of the 1st Prize
10,000 €150 Last figure (first special extraction)
10,000 €150 Last figure (second special extraction)


cancer research

Unfortunately, cancer is still a disease that sometimes has no cure. That is why betting on research is essential. Currently, there are more than 100 types of cancer that can affect people of all ages.


As the Spanish Association Against Cancer says on its website: "  Research  is the engine to make  cancer  a preventable, curable or chronic disease." That is why every grain of sand, no matter how small, adds up in this battle.


The AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer) works 365 days a year to promote research, as well as to raise awareness in society and to offer support to patients suffering from this disease and their families. The Association has a presence in 52 provinces throughout Spain and is made up of more than 30,000 volunteers, more than 454,000 members and 1,007 professional workers.

Do you join their cause?

Buy tenth Cancer Lottery Draw


National Lottery Cancer Sweepstakes Check


Do you want to know which numbers have been awarded in the Lottery Against Cancer Draw ? Don't miss the https://maxiapuestas.es website to find out all the results. Good luck!


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