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Do you still have pesetas saved? We will exchange them for you by lottery.

The deadline to change the 1,611 million euros that are kept in pesetas in homes is over.

Cambio de pesetas por lotería

There are many pesetas hidden in the drawers. In these times, unless it is a very important memory, it does not make sense that the economic value is lost. On December 31, 2020, the Bank of Spain will no longer change pesetas to Euros.

At Maxiapuestas we make things very easy. You just have to bring your pesetas in coins or bills, before December 15 and we will exchange it for lottery tickets. We take care of exchanging those pesetas for euros at the BANCO DE ESPAÑA.

If in the lottery purchase operation the pesetas do not arrive, you complete it with euros.

If there are extra pesetas in the lottery purchase operation, we will refund the change in € uros.

The Bank of Spain only accepts the last coins that were in circulation on January 1, 2002. The Bank of Spain will reimburse authentic coins, including damaged ones, that are recognized as such by the machines used for that purpose and may deny the change of those that have suffered any alteration derived from an industrial or mechanical process.

Monedas admitidas en pesetas

As a general rule, banknotes in pesetas issued after 1939 will be exchanged. Where appropriate, banknotes issued between 1936 and 1939 may also be subject to change after being analyzed by experts from the Bank of Spain.

Until when can I buy lottery in pesetas?
We accept pesetas until December 15.

Do not wait for pesetas to lose the opportunity to change to € uros

Where can you find our establishment?
In Carretera del Obispo, 34, in Gijón.


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