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The Joker of the primitiva has changed. Now 1 in 5 has a prize.

Cambios en primitiva y joker


Changes in the Primitiva and the Joker (2018)


One of the favorite games of the Spanish and with more history is renewed.


If you usually play the Primitiva lottery draw , this post will be of interest to you. And it is that from next October 25, 2018 (date yet to be confirmed) interesting changes are coming in the primitive and in the joker .

From now on, the player will be able to choose to refund their bets . This change will imply a transformation in the design of the ticket that will allow the user to choose the refund. The ticket will also offer a more innovative image, making it more attractive to users.

The choice of reimbursement will be a voluntary option. In the event that the user does not opt ​​for a specific number, the terminal will do so automatically, as it has been doing up to now. At the moment , both tickets will coexist , that is, both will be valid (the new and the old), but only the new one will allow you to choose the refund.

The second change, and probably the most attractive, is that the game associated with the Primitive, the Joker . The "joker" consists of randomly assigning a 7-digit number to the receipt of your play, with which you will participate in a raffle that has 6 categories of fixed prizes, which do not depend on the collection. With the changes of October 25, the Joker will have a new distribution of prizes and the chances of winning are multiplied! From now on, the prizes in this modality of the primitive will potentially increase. If before 1 of every 100 plays had a prize, as of October 25, 1 of every 5 tickets will have a prize.


The new distribution of joker prizes will be as follows:


Joker 1st prize: €1,000,000 for the person who matches the combination of 7 numbers

2nd prize: €10,000  by matching the last 6 or the first 6

3rd prize: €1,000  matching the last 5 or the first 5

4th prize: €300  matching the last 4 or the first 4

5th prize: €50 matching the last 3 or the first 3

6th prize: €5  matching the last 2 or the first 2

7th prize: €1 matching the first or last number


The prizes will also be cumulative .

For example: if a client matches the first 4 numbers and the last number, the prize would be €301 (4th prize + 7th prize) .


Play Primitive online


If you want to play primitive today and without leaving home, at Maxiapuestas we make it easy for you. Thanks to our online gaming system you can place your bets from your living room and even with your mobile phone. You just have to click on the following link:   play primitive online . Create your user account and start placing your bets to win.


Reduced Primitive


La Primitiva can be played through several methods. First of all, we have the best known systems: single bets and multiple bets. When we play La Primitiva reduced, what we are really doing is eliminating combinations from the multiple system and really playing only a subset of them.  At Maxiapuestas we are experts in the primitive reduced system an intelligent system that makes the play cheaper and multiplies your chances of winning. Click here to discover our available primitive reductions and start playing.


Primitive Forecasts


Who would not like to have the best forecasts to play the primitive? Everyone has ever dreamed of hitting the winning combination of the primitive. Through our website you can check the statistics of the primitive to see the combinations and numbers that have appeared in other draws. With this data you will be able to do your probability analysis to try to hit the winning combination.

The Primitiva lottery, the draw with the most followers in Spain. At Maxiapuestas we offer you every Thursday and Saturday the winning combination of the primitive, the amount and the distribution of the prizes.


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