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Choose 8 arrives, the new lottery game associated with LaLiga and the Quiniela

elige 8 nuevo juego quiniela


Elige 8 arrives, the new lottery game associated with LaLiga and the Quiniela


Last April they announced the birth of the new lottery game: Choose 8; a game modality associated with the Quiniela for the 2019/2020 La Liga season. During the month of September, and coinciding with the start of La Liga de Fútbol 2019/2020, Elige 8 will be officially launched and will be available in State Lottery and Betting establishments.

Sports betting fans will find in Choose 8 new possibilities to complete their assumptions about sports results and increase their probability of winning the prize.

What is Choose 8, the new game associated with the Quiniela?


In April 2019, the State Lottery and State Betting Society announced, through its president Jesus Huerta, the launch of a new lottery game, Choose 8 at the IV National Congress of the National Federation of Mixed Lottery Recipients and Bets. The only thing that told us was that it was a game linked to LaLiga and the Quiniela and until then everything had been assumptions about its operation and it was estimated that its launch would be with the start of La Liga, and so it will be.


How does the new Quiniela game work?


After months of waiting, we finally have the answer, and that is that we already know how the Choose 8 sports betting game works. As we had already been told, Choose 8 is additional to the Quiniela, that is, you can play Choose 8 if the Quiniela is played before. Of course it is optional, although it appears next to the usual Pool, it is not mandatory to play Choose 8. You can continue throwing the Pool as before. Regarding its operation, it is very simple. In the usual Quiniela ticket, a new column will now appear on the right, the one corresponding to Choose 8. To play, in this new column, 8 matches must be chosen with the predictions of Block 1 of the Quiniela, except for the plenary session at 15. In the forecasts you can choose between single, double or triple, and the bet will then consist of hitting all 8 predictions. The ticket to play simple, reduced or conditioned by ASD will not be available.


Elige 8 - boleto quiniela


What is the prize of Choose 8?


Despite the fact that Choose 8 is associated with the Quiniela, the new sports game will create its own pool, independent from that of the Quiniela. As we told you, the winners will be those who match the 8 forecasts that Choose 8 offers in a single prize category. But if there were no winners with full, then those who had 7 correct forecasts would collect the prize and so on. So there would be no cumulative jackpot.


How much does it cost to play Pick 8?


Another of the big questions that arose when we found out about the existence of the new sports game Choose 8 associated with the Quiniela was the price of the bet. Now we know that the price of the bet is €0.50, but in the event that block 1 doubles or triples are replicated, the amount will increase, since several bets will be made. On the printed receipt of the Quiniela will appear the price of Choose 8 and the total of the bet, that is, the price of Choose 8 with the sum of the price of the Quiniela. Now that we know all the details, we really want to finally be able to play Choose 8, the new sports betting game associated with La Quiniela. Remind you that you can play Choose 8 from our receiving office in Gijón or through our website, in the QUINIELA ONLINE section.


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