06 de December de 2023
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Christmas lottery myths

Los mitos de la lotería de navidad en internet

One more year on December 22 will fill the Spanish homes with enthusiasm. The Christmas lottery is here. In the days leading up to the raffle there are many superstitions and tricks that are disseminated on social networks and through the internet to increase the chances of getting it right and getting great prizes. However, statistical data belies the veracity of all these superstitions. We tell you the most talked about:

Buy the lottery where you always have to increase the chances of winning: We feel that absolutely all the tenths have identical chances of becoming winners. The explanation that one administration distributes more prizes than another is simply that, thanks to its fame, they sell many more tenths and therefore, many more different numbers. Thus they are more likely that any of them will be awarded.
A number that has already been awarded can be again: In the 206 draws of the Christmas lottery held today only 2 numbers have been repeated. The 15640 was awarded in 1956 and 1978, while 20297 was awarded in 1903 and 2006.
Always playing the same number does not increase the chances of winning: The probability does not accumulate over the years.
The probability that a tenth gets the prize is 1 / 100,000. It may seem scarce but it is not. In other draws, it is smaller. In Euromillions, the probability of carrying a grand prize is 1/76 million and in the Primitive one 1/140 million.
No. 00000 is not reserved to the King. The Royal House has already denied it. In 2014 this number was awarded a pedrea. One of the winners witnessed the draw at the Teatro Real and showed her tenth on camera. I had bought it in Logroño.
As you can see there are no tricks to win at random, but it is a matter of fortune and probability. From the Maxiapuestos team we want to wish you all good luck in the draw! Thanks for trusting us.

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