06 de December de 2023
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Club Exclusive EuroMillions for Braves June 11

For the next boat Euromillions of June 11 we have put an Exclusive Rock next to the Administration No. 5 of Gijón which consists of a combination of 17 numbers conditioned and reduced to 4.

For this we have used the software available on our website REDEUROMILLONES of the company QUINIWIN. We are very excited to use the best combinatorial methods to opt for the big € 139,000 jackpot that is played that Tuesday.

We start from the following combination of 6188 bets

3,5,7,9,11,12,17,21,39,32,34,39,41,42,45,49,50 and stars 1 and 8

We use the following conditions to reduce the price of the move:

1- Low and High Numbers (They are considered low from 1 to 24 and high from 25 to 50)

With this option we eliminate all the combinations in which they are not 2 high and 3 low or vice versa. In total 1820 bets.

2- Tens

We play the following figures in the tens. With this condition we eliminated 524 bets.

3-odd and even numbers

We play the following figures in which we eliminated 2110 bets that do not meet that condition.

4- Sum of numbers.

We only stay with the bets that, adding the numbers, they number between 91 and 160. With this condition we lowered our play 95 bets.


With this conditions we lowered the bets from the initial 6188 to the final 1639.

To further reduce this play we have used a system reduced to 4 until we reach the final 360 bets with the following guarantees on conditioned bets (1639).

021.965% 5 if 5 1-1 of 5, 0-15 of 4, 33-88 of 3, 112-191 of 2, 82-152 of 1
100,000% 4 yes 5 1-16 of 4, 31-96 of 3, 110-184 of 2, 79-162 of 1

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