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EuroMillions and prizes: the winning combination

If there is something that we would like to all is to know the winning combination of Euromillions. The EuroMillions game is the European draw that distributes the biggest prizes.

The origin of the draw dates back to 2004. That year the first Euromillions draw was held in Paris with the intention of establishing links between the different countries of the European Union. France, Spain and the United Kingdom participated in that call. Shortly after, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland and Luxembourg were added. By having such an extensive player base, Euromillions can afford to offer large prizes.

The amount allocated to prizes corresponds to 50% of the money collected. The minimum prize is € 17,000,000. As reported on Wikipedia: "If nobody wins the pot, it accumulates for the next draw. However, if the pot reaches € 190,000,000 it does not continue to accumulate and remains unchanged until a prize of 1st category comes out.

The EuroMillions draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday night, and takes place in Paris. A bet in the EuroMillions lottery has a price of 2.50 euros per share. The EuroMillions game is based on matching 5 numbers from 1 to 50 and also 2 stars between 1 and 9.

5 2 43,20% ó 27,00%
5 1 3,95%
5 0 0,92%
4 2 0,45%
4 1 0,48%
4 0 0,67%
3 2 0,38%
2 2 1,75%
3 1 1,85%
10ª 3 0 3,50%
11ª 1 2 4,95%
12ª 2 1 14,85%
13ª 2 0 18,25%
Fondo de reserva 4,80% ó 21.00%

Choosing the right numbers is a challenge. Lucky numbers, statistics and probabilities. Everything counts. Although there is no system that can guarantee the prize, the truth is that there are several methods that can improve our chances of winning a prize, for example, playing in a rock (the power to buy and therefore, participation will be higher) or try the reduced combinations of EuroMillions (play more for less money). From there, it will be chance that determines our victory. What is clear is that coincidences do not exist and to win ... you have to try;)

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