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How to make a winner Bonoloto

Como hacer una bonoloto ganadora


How to make a winning bonoloto

The Bonoloto is one of the most successful draws of State Lotteries and Bets . It is one of the oldest draws and also one of the cheapest. Each bonoloto bet currently costs €0.50 . This means that many are encouraged to try their luck. In the same way, there are many who wonder how to make a winning bonoloto . In this article we want to give you some tricks and ideas.



How to play bonoloto and win: some tricks

First of all, we must not forget that bonoloto is a game of chance and that, at present, there is no manual that explains how to play bonoloto and win .

However, there are some tricks that can help you increase your chances of success. Next, we will explain what some of these methods consist of.


- Play the reduced Bonoloto systems:

Bonoloto reductions allow us to give up part of the accumulated jackpot, thus lowering the cost of betting. How we give up winning the total pot, the cost of our play becomes cheaper. In this way, we can play many more numbers for much less money. If you wish, you can take a look at our reductions of the bonoloto . At Maxiapuestas we are experts in combinatorics and smart plays. 


- Opt for the numbers that come out the most:

Although, we remember, the bonoloto is a draw that responds exclusively to chance, it may be good for us to take a look at the numbers that appear the most in the bonoloto . They can help you get inspired and, who knows... they could make you a winner!


- Always play the same numbers: 

Although playing always the same numbers does not mean that you are going to win... it is a good strategy to play with a certain stability. Can you imagine that you always play the same numbers, and just when you change your bet, your lucky numbers win?


- Conditional Bonoloto:

In addition to simple bets and reduced bets, you can also play bonus lotto conditional bets. This system allows you to apply various filters to select the combinations of your bet. Maxiapuestas is one of the few platforms that allow you to play conditional lottery tickets online .


- Avoid selecting consecutive numbers or many numbers that end in the same number:

It is simply a matter of probability. We recommend you not to choose more than 3 consecutive numbers or more than 3 numbers with the same ending.


- Be constant and patient:

On the other hand, do not forget to play with patience, perseverance and perseverance. You can schedule your weekly plays to happen automatically so you don't forget to play. Remember that luck only rewards those who try!


Now that you know how to make a winning bonoloto, play online

Now that you know how to make a winning bonoloto, we want to explain how you can place your bets online.

At Maxiapuestas you can play online bonoloto in a simple and agile way. You will only have to click on the button to go to the lottery ticket page. From there you can select your 6 favorite numbers per block. The minimum bet is 2 blocks (€0.50 + €0.50 = €1). Once you have your bets ready, you just have to click on the ADD TO CART button and finish the payment with the method you choose (credit card, transfer, Bizum, balance of your virtual wallet). When you have paid the cost of your bet, you will receive a copy of your ticket in your email. Easy and simple, right?



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