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How to win the primitive lottery

Cómo ganar a la primitiva

How to win the primitive

Who doesn't play primitive to win? Winning a big prize is the ambition of every self-respecting player. Although it is a random draw, in this post we want to give you some advice and tips on how to win the primitive. Keep reading!


Understanding the draw

First of all, we want to remind you how to play primitive. This is one of the oldest draws in the Spanish lottery. This draw is based on a ticket that includes the numbers from 1 to 49. The player must select a combination of 6 numbers and a refund. A simple lottery bet costs 1 euro.

The draw for the primitive takes place on Thursdays and Saturdays of every week at 9:30 p.m. In a drum, 49 balls are introduced, each one with a different number (from 1 to 49). In a random way, in each draw 6 balls and a refund are drawn. If the combination of balls drawn matches the numbers on your ticket, then you will have won. There are different prizes (some of them millionaires) depending on the number of hits. With 3 hits, your ticket will already have a prize. Also, if you guess the refund, they will refund the amount you paid for your ticket.

La Primitiva also has a complementary draw: the Joker. It is a game linked to the primitive in which for only 1 more euro you can aspire to an additional prize of 1 million euros.



How to hit the primitive every time

As you have been able to read, the draw of the primitive is a game of chance and the extraction of balls from the hype is done completely randomly. In this sense, there is no information on how to hit the primitive always. However, mathematics and probability play an important role in increasing your chances of winning. In addition to the simple bets of the primitive, there are multiple or reduced bets, which allow you to play more numbers for less money. In this sense, the more numbers you play on each ticket, the more chances you have to hit. Next, we leave you a table with the probabilities of success in the different categories of the primitive lottery.


     Award Category             Hit Probability

Special: 6 hits + refund

1 in 139,838,160

1st Category: 6 hits

1 among 13,983,816 

2nd Category: 5 Hits + C

1 among 2,330,636

3rd Category: 5 Hits

1 in 53,201 

4th Category: 4 hits

1 in 1,032 

5th Category: 3 hits

1 in 57 


How to play primitive to win

Here are some ideas and tricks that can help you increase your chances of success.


1 - Play the primitive reduced

Reduced bets allow us to give up part of the accumulated prize, in exchange for lowering the cost of our bet. In this way, we can play more numbers for less money. It is an excellent alternative to increase our chances of hitting. 



2 - Avoid choosing consecutive numbers

Although anything can happen in the primitive draw, the truth is that there is little chance that a combination of numbers in a row can win (for example: 1-2-3-4-5-6). Therefore, our advice is to select the numbers randomly.


3 - Play consistently

Obviously, if you don't play, you won't have a chance to win. Some people decide to play the same combination every week. Your lucky numbers will have to come up sometime!


4 - Play the high numbers

This advice is geared towards you being able to achieve bigger prizes rather than how to win the primitive. Almost all of us, by instinct, tend to always select numbers from the first ten (1-10). We all have a favorite or lucky single digit number. However, few have the number "48" or "31" as their favorite, to give an example. In this way, if the winning numbers are high, the prize you receive will probably be higher, because almost certainly, there will be fewer winners.


5 - Play odd and even numbers

Over time, it has been shown that tickets that combine odd and even numbers have a better chance of winning. Our advice is to include at least three even numbers (example: 2, 12, 24) and three odd numbers (example: 7, 11, 39) in your bet.


6 - The numbers that come up the most

There are always numbers that are luckier than others. Throughout the history of the primitive, the numbers that have been repeated the most are the following: 38, 39, 47, 3 and 45. On the contrary, the ones that have appeared the least are: 20, 8, 33, 13 and 18. This information does not mean anything, because the extraction of numbers from the drum is done randomly and any number can be awarded. However, we share it as a curiosity ;)


Now that you know how to play primitive to win, all you have to do is try your luck. Remember that you can play this draw (and all the others) through our web platform or our mobile app with all the guarantees and without additional fees. Maxiapuestas is an official State Lotteries and Gambling receiving office with physical headquarters in Gijón. 



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