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All about the lottery draw

Sorteo de Loterias

Everyone knows the lottery draw, who has not received a tenth of a gift from a loved one? Who has not played the lottery full of dreams and hopes? Or who hasn"t been thrilled with the pretty solidarity stories from the lottery announcements?

And it is that the draw of lotteries is something very ours, that makes us fly our imagination and think about how it would change our lives and that of those around us. But surely few or almost none knows, for example, the history of the lottery draw in Spain or what types of draw exist. We tell you everything in this article.


History of the Lottery Draw in Spain

The Spanish Constitution and the National Lottery could almost be twin sisters, and it is that the birth of both dates back to the same year, 1812. However, and curiously, the lottery draw in Spain came to light fifteen days before the important document that governs the laws of our country. This was his story.

After the war of independence, the country was left in a situation of poverty and it was necessary for the state treasury or the set of public goods of a state to start having income, but without harming the taxpayer. After devising some proposals, Minister Ciriaco González Carvajar, inspired by a proposal that had emerged in "New Spain" -current Mexico-, consolidated and presented a project to the Cortes of Cádiz with a very favorable result: all votes to favor.

In March 1812 the draw for this form of lottery was held for the first time in Cádiz, which had a national character from the outset. It was supervised by the Minister Dean of the Supreme Council of Finance -Antonio Romanillos- and the Minister of the Council and Chamber of the Indies - Ciriaco González Carvajal- to ensure the perfect execution and manipulation of the funds.

As the Napoleonic troops were leaving the country, the sale of tickets was expanding and the headquarters of the Lottery Draw was changing until it was finally established in Madrid in 1814. And a few years later, in 1817, Spain already had 497 lottery administrations. Evolving to what we know today.

As a curiosity ... we tell you that in 1817 most lottery administrations were run by men, but some were allowed to be controlled by women ... something that at that time was almost unthinkable!


Lottery Draw: National Lottery

The Christmas Lottery Draw and the Children"s Lottery Draw are surely the best known lottery draws worldwide. Virtually the entire population is glued to the radio on December 22, but there are more types of games and with many more dates. Do you know them all

We could divide the game types of the national lottery draw into three categories:
Thursday Giveaways
Saturday Draws
Extraordinary Draws

If we talk about the most common, the Thursday lottery draws, their dynamics are very simple, they are held every Thursday of the year and offers a special prize of 1.2 million euros for a single tenth.

The second category, the Saturday Draws, which are held every Saturday of the year except those that fall between the Christmas draw and the Children"s draw. Among the draws on Saturday is the ordinary Saturday Draw with a special prize of 3 million euros to a single tenth. The Special Draw with a prize of 1 million euros for the series and which takes place one Saturday a month.

Finally, the Extraordinary Raffles, among which are those of a commemorative nature such as the Extraordinary Winter Draw or the Extraordinary Tourist Draw and which have a prize of 2 million euros. There is also the Extraordinary Draw for Father"s Day or the Extraordinary Draw for Valentine"s Day, among others.
In addition to the Extraordinary Draw of the Child, held every January 6 with a first prize of € 200,000 per tenth. The San Ildefonso Extraordinary Children Draw, held on the first Saturday of July with a prize of € 200,000 to the tenth winner. And finally, the world"s favorite, the Extraordinary Christmas Draw, held on December 22 and with a prize of € 400,000.

Now that you know them you can be encouraged to try your luck in other lottery draws and thus increase your chances of winning the prize.


Lottery Draw: Other games

Little by little SELAE (Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, S.A) was incorporating new games into its catalog. To the national lottery draw, games with different themes were added:

- The pool

- The Primitive

- Fat

- Euromillions

- La Bonoloto

- Quinigol

- Lototurf

- Quintuple Plus

To play online

Surely you already know that playing the lottery draw online is a good way to get your ticket fast and from home, but if you still do not know this form of game or have any questions, here we will clarify everything. Play

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