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Red Cross Lottery Next Draw

Red Cross Lottery Draw


Red Cross Lottery: Next Draw 2023


The next  Red Cross Lottery Draw will be held on June 3, 2023 . Like every Saturday, this draw will take place at 1:00 p.m.


If you have not yet bought your tickets you can do it from our website . Maxiapuestas is an official receiving office of State Lotteries and Bets. You can make your purchases on our web portal with maximum security, without additional commissions. Your ticket for the Red Cross Lottery Draw will cost you 15 euros. In addition, we will send you the scanned ticket to your email.


It is one of the most special extraordinary draws of  Lotteries and State Bets . SELAE has been collaborating with the Spanish Red Cross since 1924. Until 2004, two extraordinary Red Cross raffles were held per year, but as of 2015, only one annual raffle was held. 


The Red Cross is a non-profit organization with more than 150 years of history. Thanks to the proceeds from this Draw, the Red Cross can carry out various care programs for the most vulnerable groups of people. Among them, the work of care and support for the elderly, unemployed groups, women victims of gender violence, families at risk of social exclusion, people affected by natural disasters, etc. stand out.


If you want to join the cause and buy your tenth of the Red Cross Lottery , you just have to click on the image to access our online store.


Check Red Cross Lottery


Do you want to know which numbers have been awarded in the Red Cross Lottery Draw ? Don't miss the https://maxiapuestas.es website to find out all the results. Good luck!


Check Red Cross Lottery


The term to collect the prizes of the Red Cross Lottery Draw is 3 months.


Red Cross Lottery Prizes and Results


The Red Cross Lottery Draw allocates 70% of the proceeds to prizes. There are 15 grand prizes.


In the following column, we explain how the prizes of the Red Cross Lottery Draw are broken down:


number of awards Amount each award receives Requirement to win the prize
1 - First prize €1,500,000 A 5 Figure Extraction
1 - Second prize €300,000 A 5 Figure Extraction
1- Third prize €150,000 A 5 Figure Extraction
12 €75,000 12 5-digit draws
40 €3,750 4 extractions of 4 figures
1,100 €750 11 3-digit draws
5,000 €300 5 2-digit withdrawals
two €21,000 Before and after the First Prize
two €12,000 Before and After Second Prize
two €6,225 Before and After of the Third Prize
99 €750 First, Second and Third Prize Hundreds
99 €750 3 last digits of the 1st Prize
999 €300 2 last figures of the 1st Prize
9,999 €150 Last figure of the 1st Prize
10,000 €150 Last figure (first special extraction)
10,000 €150 Last figure (second special extraction)


Advantages of buying your ticket online with Maxiapuestas


Do you want to know what are the advantages of buying your ticket for the next Red Cross Lottery Draw at Maxiapuestas? From the Maxiapuestas website (official receiving office of State Lotteries and Bets located in Asturias) you can buy your tenth special Red Cross Lottery Draw  without leaving home and with maximum comfort, from your mobile, tablet, computer or any other digital device. If you find it more comfortable, you can play from our lottery app,  available for Android and iOS.


The purchase process is very simple. You will only have to select your tenth among those available and follow the steps indicated by the platform. You can pay your tenth by credit card, by bank transfer, with iuPay or with the balance available in your user account. We will send you a copy of the scanned ticket to your email account, so that you always have it at hand. By having a digital copy of the ticket, you will avoid possible loss or damage.


Buying your tenth in Maxiapuestas does not imply any additional commission. Your ticket will cost you the same as at the window. Also, it is 100% safe.



Host cities of the Red Cross Lottery Draw


The Red Cross Lottery draw is one of the so-called traveling draws. Every year it is celebrated from a different city. These are the last cities from which the draw has been held:

2019: Seville

2018: Ceuta

2017: Ourense

2016: Pamplona

2015: Cordoba

2014: Tarragona

2013: Huelva

2012: Caceres

2011: Pontevedra

2010 : Alcala de Henares

2009: Almeria

2008: Segovia

2007: Valladolid

2006: Oviedo


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