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National Lottery Expiration

Caducidad Loteria Nacional Maxiapuestas


National Lottery Expiration

Do you usually play the lottery? Have you ever wondered what you have to do if it touches you? Did you know that National Lottery tickets expire? In this post we will tell you everything about the expiry of the National Lottery, so that you do not run the risk of being left without your prize in case you are the lucky one.


When is the National Lottery played?

The National Lottery is one of the most popular games of chance in Spain. The draws take place every Thursday and Saturday at 9:30 p.m., every week. In addition, a series of extraordinary raffles are also held throughout the year, such as the Christmas raffle or the extraordinary child raffle.

Each and every one of these raffles has a maximum period to collect the prizes, so if you win, make sure that your ticket does not expire before you go to collect it.


Expiration period National Lottery

The term you have to collect any National Lottery prize is three months from the date and time on which the winner was drawn.

This is included in the regulations of the State Lotteries and Gambling Administration.


How are National Lottery prizes collected?

If you win a National Lottery prize of less than €2,000, you can collect it at any lottery administration, starting the day after the last draw in which the bet participates.

If the prize you have won is equal to or greater than €2,000, you must go to one of the financial entities authorized by SELAE, also from the day following the last draw in which the bet participates. These financial entities are the following: Abanca, Banco Sabadell, Bankia, BBVA, Caixa Bank, Cajamar, Caja Sur BBK, Ibercaja Banco, Kutxabank and Unicaja Banco.

In either of the two previous cases, it will be essential that you present the receipt or tenth winner to request your prize. In addition, if your prize is greater than €2,000, they will also require your DNI when collecting it.

However, if you have placed your bet through an official website or App, you can collect your prize from the website itself, in a much more comfortable way.


What happens if I forget to collect a National Lottery prize?

If you get a prize from the National Lottery but you are not going to collect it on time, exactly the same thing will happen as if that prize had never been yours.

For many people it is unthinkable that this happens and that the lottery has an expiration date, but it is a reality. To date, more than 50 million euros of prizes have already been collected that have not been collected on time.

Although it is true that, although the regulations establish a certain period, there is the possibility of filing a claim in court and the delivery of the amount will probably be processed.


What happens to the money from the expired national lottery tickets?

And the more than 50 million euros… Where do they go? Since the draws of the National Lottery belong to the State, all these sums of money from lottery tickets that have not been collected on time are for the State. Specifically, they are divided between the public treasury and social actions.


For what reasons does the National Lottery usually expire?

There are many reasons why these situations occur, but some of the most common are the following.

Many people play the same number week after week for a long time and, out of habit, sometimes they don't get to check their tickets. Remember that it is important that you always check your tenths. On the contrary, you may be missing out on your prizes.

Another reason may be to "leave it for tomorrow". If we extend the time to collect the tenth, it is possible that we end up forgetting the deadline and we miss it... In these cases, "time is money" and sometimes three months go by faster than we think.

Finally, there are also many people who, due to oversights, are left without their prize. Not knowing where you left your tenth, putting it in the washing machine inside your pants pocket... These are everyday situations that we have all experienced and sometimes they can lead us to run out of a prize.


Maxiapuestas has the solution so that your tenths of the National Lottery do not expire

Maxiapuestas is an official State Lotteries and Betting point of sale located in Asturias. On our website and application, you can purchase your tickets quickly and easily, from anywhere and with maximum security. And not only that, we assure you that with the Maxiapuestas Lottery App, your lottery tickets will never expire!

Our Lottery Application will notify you in case you are the lucky one and also, it will immediately transfer the amount of your prize to your lottery, from where you can withdraw it to your bank account whenever you want and without any commission.

In addition, with the Maxiapuestas App, forget about oversights. You will never lose or spoil your tenths again. You will always have them available in your application, safe and sound. And if you are one of those who always bet on the same number, you will also have the option of subscribing to a National Lottery number.

Another advantage offered by the App is the possibility of checking your tenths online. You will be able to scan the QR code of your National Lottery ticket from your mobile and, immediately, you will know if you have been the lucky one. You will not need to go to the Administration.

Buying lottery online in the Maxiapuestas App will cost you exactly the same as in the administration. Our lottery app will not charge you additional fees.

The application is completely free and is available for both Android and iOS. In the event that your device is iOS, you will only have to search for it in the App Store and install it. If you have an Android device, you will have to download the app from our website since, at the moment, Google Play does not allow applications to be added to its catalog that allow you to buy lottery online. But do not worry! Downloading is still just as easy. You only have to access the App download page and click on the “download now” button. Once you have the APK file downloaded to your device, open it and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

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