29 de November de 2023
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How to become a millionaire

cómo hacerte millonario

Do you want to know how to become a millionaire? We tell you tricks, tips and traits of people who have already achieved it.

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Choose 8 arrives, the new lottery game associated with LaLiga and the Quiniela

elige 8 nuevo juego quiniela

With the new football season, Choose 8 is released; a new game modality associated with the traditional pool.
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Taxes Lottery: what percentage remains Treasury of each prize?

Impuestos Lotería

How much will you have to pay to the Treasury if the lottery touches you? We explain how the tax system works and solve all your doubts.

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Jackpots in Spanish Lotteries: how much can you win this week?

Botes en juego

Do you want to know the weekly jackpots of all the Lotteries and State Betting games? In Maxiapuestas we offer you instantaneous information.

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Spanish Lottery: Everything you need to know to play online

Loteria online: Todo lo que tienes que saber

How does the online lottery work? We try to solve all the most common doubts that our clients often ask us.

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Grand Bonoloto Online Prize

La jugada se realizó en nuestra web utilizando para ello un sistema reducido de 15 números al 5 por 93 €

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