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Rain of Millions. The most extraordinary draw of Euromillions.

Lluvia de millones de Euromillones


Rain of Millions in Euromillions


Next Friday, January 21, 2022, the special Euromillions Rain of Millions draw will be held.

In this rain of millions there will be nothing more and nothing less than 100 guaranteed prizes of 1 million euros each. Through a raffle, these 100 prizes will be drawn among all the participants from the different countries that participate every week in this emblematic draw.

To participate in this Rain of Millions, all you have to do is buy a Euromillions bet for that same Friday (Warning: those on Tuesday do not participate, it does not work like The Million Euromillions). The price of your ticket is identical to that of the rest of the draws. The only difference is that your ticket will include an alphanumeric code, 4 letters and 5 numbers, which will be used as the code to participate in the raffle.

In this way, on January 21 you will have up to three opportunities to become a millionaire thanks to Euromillions.

· On the one hand, you will be able to win the accumulated jackpot of the draw.

· You will also participate in the El Millón de Euromillones draw (exclusive in Spain).

· Finally, you can be the winner of the rain of millions and win a million euros.

As you can see, this is an extraordinary opportunity that you should not miss.


Which countries participate in the Rain of Millions?

Currently, all the countries in which the EuroMillions draw is marketed participate in the associated Rain of Millions draw. Currently, they are the following: Austria, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom.


Origin of the associated draw: Rain of Millions

This draw was approved on September 24, 2016. In this way, on Friday, September 30, 2016, the first special draw for Rain of Millions was held. Since then, the draw has been held twice a year.


Play in Peña: Rain of Millions

For this unique draw, we have joined 5 points of sale to make an extraordinary club. 🤑RAIN OF MILLIONS OF EUROMILLIONS🤑. Participations are €10 and there is no betting limit.

Increase your chances of success

To have more prize options, we always recommend using our reduced euromillions systems.

These intelligent combinations allow us to increase our chances of success, while at the same time lowering the cost of the move.

These are our recommended reduced systems:

10 números y 2 estrellas por 14 apuestas 12 números y 2 estrellas por 6 apuestas
14 números y 2 estrellas por 10 apuestas 23 números y 2 estrellas por 7 apuestas
10 números y 2 estrellas por 6 apuestas 8 números y dos estrellas por 8 apuestas
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