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State Lotteries and Bets Application

Aplicación de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado


State Lotteries and Bets Application

We tell you how to play your favorite draws from your mobile. Enjoy the convenience that Maxiapuestas offers you | State Lotteries and Bets application and play without leaving home.


Do you want to play your favorite draws from your mobile? With Maxibets | State Lotteries and Gambling Application , Now it is possible! Enjoy the convenience offered by this free application to play from home and check your prizes in just a few clicks.


What draws can be played from the Loterías y Apuestas del Estado application?

Quiniela, bonoloto, primitive, euromillions , quinigol or national lottery... whatever your favorite draw is, you can play it from the Lotteries and Betting application. With the Maxiapuestas app you can buy your ticket at any time and from anywhere.


Is it safe to purchase lottery through the mobile application?

The procedure is totally safe, reliable and with official guarantees. When buying through the Maxiapuestas app, we seal your participation at the window and send you the scanned ticket. You have the same guarantees as buying at a traditional point of sale. Maxiapuestas is the official receiving office number 35680 of State Lotteries and Bets in Gijón.


Is the Lotteries and Betting application compatible with any device?

The Maxiapuestas application is compatible with both Android and iOS. To download it, you just have to click on the icon of your operating system and follow the instructions. In just a few clicks you will have the application available on your mobile. It is a simple process, that you can do in a minute and that will make your life much easier!


Why download our app?

There are many advantages offered by this State Lotteries and Bets Application. Here we mention some of them:

  • Play with your trusted lottery player from anywhere and at any time.
  • You will only need a mobile device and internet connection. You can play from computers, tablets, mobile phones...
  • You will not have to travel to the establishment and, in addition, you will save queues.
  • Possibility of automating plays, making group plays or participating with reduced systems that will increase your chances of hitting.
  • In the application you will have your own user account and you will be able to have a virtual wallet with balance to play.
  • You can request the collection of prizes immediately from the application itself.
  • The application will save your history of plays so that you can consult it whenever you want.

Playing the lottery has never been so easy! Maxiapuestas offers you great flexibility to make your moves.

In addition, this Lottery and Betting Application is intuitive and very easy to use. It has been designed to improve the user experience and to make life easier for all of our customers.


What information can be consulted in the Loterías y Apuestas del Estado application?

Maxiapuestas puts all the necessary information at your fingertips. Through the application you can stay informed in real time of any news regarding…

  • Jackpot of each of the draws.
  • Results of all draws.
  • Consultation of all daily tickets.
  • News of the different draws.

In addition, the lottery and betting application allows you to check the prizes of your physical tickets. All you have to do is scan the ticket with the app's camera to instantly find out if you've been lucky.


How is the payment made through the application?

You can choose between different payment methods, the one that best suits your needs or the one that gives you the most confidence: credit card, bank transfer, bizum...


Do I have to pay commissions to buy lottery online?

No. Making your move from home will cost you the same as in the administration; our lottery and betting application will not charge you additional commissions. In addition, its download is free.


Have you already tried Maxiapuestas | Application of Lotteries and State Bets?

Thousands of users have already tried it and you... what are you waiting for? As you have seen, playing online is much easier than you thought. Maxibets | Lotteries and Betting Application makes it easy for you!

If you are already a user of our lottery app, you can leave us a comment with your opinion on Google. Your feedback helps us to improve and can be useful for many users! Thank you very much!

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