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Jackpots in Spanish Lotteries: how much can you win this week?

Botes en juego

Weekly jackpots in Lotteries game

Want to know the boats in play this week in Lotteries and State Betting? At Maxiapuestas we make it easy for you. Our website is updated daily to keep you informed and make it easy for you.

At the top of this website you will find a menu with all the Lottery games. If you place the mouse over each game you can read the amount accumulated in the corresponding weekly pot. Here we leave a screenshot for locating the boats of today and the next days.

Botes en juego Loterias y Apuestas del Estado

How to get hold of the jackpots in Lotteries game?

If the boats in game you find interesting you can play directly from our website. To do this you only have to click on the "Play Now" button that appears just below the pot.

Playing at maxiapuestas.es is easy, simple and safe. We are an official distributor of State Lotteries and Bets and our website has an encrypted payment gateway, to ensure that your payments are made with maximum security. You can pay your tickets with credit card, with bank transfer, with UPay or with the balance of your wallet in your user account.

How often are the jackpots in play updated?

In the games Lotteries and State Bets, the word jackpot ("jackpot" in English) is used to refer to the amount of money accumulated from prizes not awarded in the previous draws. In Maxiapuestas, the boats in play are updated immediately after each draw. In this way, we offer you instantaneous information so you can check the EuroMillions, Lotteries, Quiniela, Quinigol, Bonoloto or Primitiva jackpots without having to wait until the next day.

The jackpots in lottery play do not stop growing. What if the next lucky person is you? Luck is for those who try!

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