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23 La Primitiva Numbers for 3 if 3 hits for 104,00 euros
 23 Num. for 3 if 3 hits for 104 apuestas

Reduced system of La Primitiva  23 Num. for 3 if 3 hits for 104 bets

Guarantees: The probability of success, if the 6 numbers of the winning combination are among the numbers played, is:
Garantías La probabilidad de acierto, si los 6 números de la combinación ganadora se encuentran entre los números jugados, es de:
Aciertos de 6:     0,10% 1-1 de 6, 0-2 de 5, 0-2 de 4, 0-12 de 3
Aciertos de 5:   10,45% 1-3 de 5, 0-5 de 4, 1-21 de 3
Aciertos de 4:   97,73% 4 si 6  1-6 de 4, 8-24 de 3
Aciertos de 3: 100,00% 3 si 6  20-26 de 3


Why play 23 La Primitiva Numbers for 3 if 3 hits in Maxiapuestas?

The first known official game of State Lotteries and Betting deserves to use intelligent gaming systems. You can also choose the refund. At Maxiapuestas we are experts in reduced systems at La Primitiva and we are passionate about smart games. We are the receiving office number 35680 of the State Lottery and Betting Society of the State. We are in Gijón but we have been working online for years and distributing awards to clients from all over Spain.


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