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How do reduced sports bets work?


Boleto de quiniela reducida


Who has not thrown the pool ever? The quiniela is one of the sports bets with more history and more followers among all generations. According to SELAE, the quiniela was born there in 1942, based on the sports betting of the Spanish soccer league.

The quiniela is a bet combined with fifteen predictions of football matches, first and second division. The pool offers different types of games: the conditioned pool, the multiple pool or the reduced pool.

If you have never done a reduced pool, you may wonder how they work. The truth is that this type of bet, the reduced pool, maximizes your chances of winning. For this reason, it is not surprising that around 20% of the bets that are played each week are made under this modality.

How does a reduced betting pool work?


To begin with, it must be said that football pools are paid according to the number of bets placed. A column in which we mark a single symbol / result per game is a bet, and has a cost of 0.75 €. If we wanted to fill 10 columns and therefore, 10 bets, the cost would reach 7.5 €. There is also the possibility to cross 2 or 3 symbols per match in a single column, which is the famous double and triple, which of course increase the chances of hitting, and in turn the cost of the pool.

The reduced betting game system allows us to reduce the cost of the play with respect to the cost of playing multiple bets with the direct system. This system, based on mathematical probability, allows us to eliminate columns and selects only those that guarantee prizes of 13.12, 11 or 10 correct answers provided that we have 14 or 15 hits in the general forecast. That is to say, when casting a reduced pool, only a small set of columns drawn from the direct system that guarantee a minimum of hits are played.


If you play a pool of 4 triples using the direct method. You would be playing a total of 81 combinations and therefore the price of the pool would be € 60.75.

If you made the same betting pool using the reduced method, you would only be playing 9 combinations out of the possible 81. With what the total price would be € 6.75.

Play online the betting


To make a reduced pool you need a different ticket than usual and you can get in your lottery administration. If you decide to play the online pool in maxiapuestas.es, our smart pool system will indicate the available reductions and help you throughout the process of filling out the ticket. To play you just have to click on the following link:

Play online betting

Below are the betting tables of reduced combinations available in Maxiapuestas. The tables show the amount of doubles and triples you can play and the total of bets that result from the combination of both. To play you just have to click on the number of bets you want to make indicated in the tables and follow the indications of the platform. Playing the reduced pool was never so easy!


- Tables of reduced of the quiniela record to 11

- Tables of reduced of the quiniela record to 12

- Tables of reduced of the quiniela record to 13


Surely these combinations will bring you great joys!


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