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How to win the lottery

Cómo ganar a la lotería


The biggest incentive to play the lottery is the desire to be able to take the pot. We have all fantasized about it, what would it be like to win the lottery? How many dreams and wishes could we make? We have millions of plans in mind and ways to distribute the lottery jackpot, however, we have already told you that there is no strategy that allows us to win the lottery.


And it is that winning the lottery is not an easy task. However, there are certain tricks that increase our chances of winning. It is a series of tactics studied by mathematicians and from a statistical point of view that can increase the odds of winning the lottery. Of course, we cannot forget that luck is also an important ingredient in this recipe.


Tips and tricks to win the lottery

The lottery is a game of chance created based on a mathematical probability system, so this science becomes our main ally when it comes to discovering what tricks and strategies can make us win the lottery.

· The power of numbers and the law of attraction: Always playing with the same numbers does not increase the chances of winning, but we understand the superstitious. We understand the romanticism of playing the numbers of a specific date or the ones you have been playing a lifetime, but chance is a fickle friend and the odds of one number or another coming up are identical. Don"t forget that winning numbers are often repeated in other draws. Of course ... only if you think that one day you can play the lottery, it will end up playing you. Choose the numbers with your heart ... and don"t forget that if you don"t play you won"t be able to win. Do you already have in mind your combination to win the lottery?


Everyone visualizes, whether they know it or not. Visualizing what we want is the great secret of success. Genevieve Berhrend


· More bets, more possibilities: Obviously, the more tickets and combinations we play the more possibilities of hitting the winning combination and winning the lottery, however this involves a large outlay of money that does not assure us of its recovery. So it is a good strategy to share the highest number of tickets with other people, that is, play in peña. Of course, then you must share the long-awaited prize, but it will be worth it since you will have many more possibilities, and if in the end you get the fat one, what problem will it be to distribute it?


· Avoid complicated games: To increase the chances of winning the lottery, avoid participating in games with only one winner, since the number of people who play is much greater and your chances of winning are much smaller. For example, when a large pot is announced from a certain draw, competition grows greatly. Research less popular games that are not as well known to people to make sure that fewer people will participate and you will have a better chance of winning. Quinigol, bonoloto, national lottery are just some ideas you can try.


How can you win the lottery with reduced plays?

As we already told you, the more numbers and tickets we have, the better our chances of winning the lottery. As that supposes a great economic cost, in addition to the option of playing in peña, you can play the reduced systems of each game.

Reduced plays are a way to lower costs and be able to play multiple numbers. With the reduced resignations you get the whole pot, but the prices of the plays go down considerably and your chances of winning a prize increase greatly, because you will play more numbers. Although the prize will be of less value, you will have more opportunities to win it. Even so, with the small prizes we continue to talk about significant sums of money (thousands and thousands of euros). It is a good method to spend less money and have more possibilities to multiply it!


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