14 de July de 2020
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Extraordinary Vacation Lottery

Sorteo Extraordinario de Vacaciones - Loterías y Apuestas del Estado

Extraordinary Vacation Sweepstakes

The Extraordinary Holiday Sweepstakes, also known as "El Gordo del Verano" has already made its way into the most popular lottery draws. Every year Lotteries and State Betting celebrate the arrival of the summer season with this draw. In 2019, the Extraordinary Holiday Raffle is celebrated on July 6.

In the National Lottery"s draw for vacations, 10 series of 100,000 € 200 tickets are put on sale. The tickets are in turn divided into tenths of € 20. In total, the issuance of this draw reaches € 200,000,000.

Buy Tenth Holiday Draw

From the Maxiapuestas website you can buy your tenth Extraordinary Vacation Sweepstakes without leaving home. Choose your tenth and follow the instructions. You can pay your tenth with credit card, with bank transfer, with iuPay or with the balance of your user account. We will send the voucher to your email account.

Comprar décimo Sorteo de Vacaciones

Buy Tenth Holiday Draw


The Prizes of the Holiday Raffle
The Extraordinary Vacation Raffle allocates 70% of the collection in prizes. In this case will be distributed, nothing more and nothing less than 140 million euros in prizes. In the following column, we explain how the prizes are broken down:

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