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Lotería de Navidad 2023

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Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad 2023
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Friday, December 22, 2023
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Buy Christmas Lottery online | Buy Christmas Lottery online


Do you want to buy Christmas lottery  online ? In Maxiapuestas you can already find the tenth with your dream number to play the Christmas Lottery Draw.

The countdown has already started. On December 22, 2023  , the event that fills the entire country with enthusiasm will be held in Spain. At Maxiapuestas we want to make it easy for you and for this reason we offer you the online Christmas lottery sales service . 

Buying Christmas lottery online has never been so simple. Playing the lottery online with Maxiapuestas is easy and fast. Through our  tenth search engine you will be able to locate your favorite number  and buy it directly without leaving your home. You can make the payment with your credit card, with bank transfer, with iupay or with the balance of your user account. 

There are two possibilities: buy a digital Christmas lottery or have the ticket mailed to your address. If you opt for the first option, we will send you your scanned ticket by email and we will keep the original copy in our administration. 

The price of each lottery ticket is 20 euros, exactly the same as if you come to buy it at our lottery administration in Gijón. On the other hand, we guarantee that the purchase is 100% secure. Maxiapuestas  is the receiving office number 35680 of the State Society of Lotteries and State Betting. 

Remember that you can  buy the Christmas Lottery online until the day before the Draw . Have you thought about what you would do if this year it"s your turn? Stop dreaming and go for the fat one!


Until when can you buy Christmas lottery online?

If you want to hurry to the end, you can buy your Christmas tenths until December 21 at 11:59 p.m., just a few hours before the draw begins. However, our advice is not to wait until the last minute. In this way, you will not be able to choose your favorite numbers and you will have to settle for the few that remain at that time. So if you"re superstitious, don"t play it. Be proactive and get your tenth online now through the Maxiapuestas website : maxiapuestas.es

What time does the Christmas lottery 2023 start?

Wondering what time the Christmas lottery starts ? In Maxiapuestas we give you the answer. Like every year, the Christmas raffle begins at 9:00 in the morning on December 22. The preparation of the draw begins one day before, on December 21.

From early in the morning, the participants have their nerves on edge. The children of San Ildefonso begin to draw the balls from the bass drum, to sing the lucky numbers and to change lives. Usually the Christmas lottery draw can last about four hours, ending at approximately 1:15 p.m.

If you have decided to buy Christmas lottery online at Maxiapuestas, we recommend that you set your alarm clock to turn on the TV, at least at 08:55. Let the excitement begin!


Platform to buy Christmas lottery online

Where can I see the draw?

The Christmas lottery draw is broadcast live on Spanish Television. If you wish, you can access our draw page live to follow it in streaming over the internet, from anywhere on the planet. If you don"t have time to follow the live broadcast, don"t worry. At Maxiapuestas we work hard to offer you timely information through our different social networks.

How much does the Christmas Lottery ticket or Christmas Lottery Ticket cost?


Since 2003, the Christmas Lottery ticket has a fixed price of €20.

The Christmas Lottery ticket contains 5 numbers. If the number drawn from the Christmas lottery drum matches the numbers on your ticket, then you will have a winning ticket. 

When we talk about a Christmas lottery ticket, we have to distinguish between tenth, ticket and series. 

The series is a  set formed by a ticket or ticket  of each number that participates in the draw. The Christmas Lottery consists of a total of 170 series (each series consists of 100,000 tickets or tickets). A series contains ten tenths per ticket, so each of the  100,000 balls  in the pot will have  1,700 tenths .


Check Christmas Lottery 2023?

Do you need to check Christmas Lottery 2023 ? Do you want to know your tenth has been awarded? In Maxiapuestas you will be able to check all the winning combinations since the end of the draw.

Access our platform to consult all the official results of State Lotteries and Bets. You will know which are the 2023 Christmas lottery balls drawn.



Buy Christmas Lottery online: Find your Christmas lottery number

Do you want to find your Christmas Lottery number? If you decide to buy a Christmas lottery online, you can choose your dream number.

On the Maxiapuestas website you have at your disposal a wide variety of numbers. In addition, we have a search engine for you to enter your numbers. We take care of locating the Christmas Lottery ticket for you.




Christmas Lottery: El Gordo


As you know, the Christmas Lottery draw is carried out with two drums, one where the balls with the numbers are collected and the other, those that contain the prizes that are going to be distributed. The children of San Ildefonso will be in charge of distributing the fortune among the 100,000 numbers issued for this draw, which range from 00000 to 99,999. This is the name given to the First Prize of the Christmas Lottery draw. This year, the Grand Prize is €4,000,000 for the series.


How does the Christmas lottery work?

There is no doubt that the Christmas lottery is one of the best known and most appreciated draws by the Spanish. But surely there is someone who still does not know how the Christmas lottery works. In this sense, we will try to explain it to you.

To play this draw, you just have to buy your participation in any of the official points of sale. You can count a tenth or a tenth share. On the day of the draw, a total of 5 numbered balls will be randomly drawn from a drum. In total, there are 100,000 balls in the drum.

On the other hand, there is a second drum with 1807 balls, each corresponding to the different prizes that are going to be awarded.

The children of the San Ildefonso school are, each year, in charge of extracting the balls from the bass drum and singing the graceful number. 


Christmas Lottery Prizes: what is the 2023 Christmas Lottery jackpot?

Looking for Christmas Lottery Prizes ? Do you want to know the Christmas Lottery Jackpot ? Below we summarize the different prizes that exist in the draw:

First prize: €4,000,000 / between the series

Second prize: €1,250,000 / between the series

· Third prize: €500,000 / between the series

· 2 x fourth prizes: €200,000 / between the series

· 8 x fifth prizes: €60,000 / between the series

13 x pedreas: €1,000 per series or refund


Origin and history of the Draw

The first draw for the Christmas Lottery took place in 1811, in the midst of the Napoleonic War. The draw took place in  Cádiz , the only city that resisted the French invasion. Ciriaco González Carvajal , the then Minister of the Council and Chamber of the Indies, decided to promote the draw to raise money for the state coffers, which had to cover the costs of the War of Independence. 

Despite going through various political and economic crises, the Spanish went every year to the call of the Christmas Lottery, seeking to be one of the lucky ones for the jackpot, or for one of the numerous prizes that are distributed.

Even during the  Civil War , the Christmas raffle did not stop giving out prizes. As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that when Spain was fragmented into two (republican and national) two different draws were held, in Burgos and in Barcelona.

The Christmas lottery continues to grow and arouse the illusion of all citizens.

There are many prizes waiting for you in the Christmas Lottery Draw. Choose your tenth in Maxiapuestas. Who says this year can"t touch you?



Find out Christmas Lottery number 2023

Do you want to find out the 2023 Christmas Lottery number ? We would like that too! But unfortunately, it is not possible. The Christmas Lottery 2023 is a random draw. The numbers that are extracted from the hype respond exclusively to the chance factor and it is impossible to predict them. From Maxiapuestas we strongly recommend that you choose your number by instinct or by romance. What"s your lucky number? What is the date you will remember all your life? It is impossible to find out the Christmas Lottery number 2023, but you will feel great if your favorite number is the winner. In Maxiapuestas you can choose the number of your Christmas lottery ticket.




Administrations where the Christmas lottery plays the most

Do you wonder which are the administrations where the Christmas lottery plays the most ? The answer is easy and responds to pure statistics. Those administrations that sell the most Christmas lottery 2023  are more likely to sell a winning number.

Madrid, for example, is one of the communities where the Christmas lottery plays the most. Specifically, the community has been graced 79 times. The truth is that it is logical, since it is one of the most populated communities and consequently, one of the communities where the most is played. Question of probability!

Those administrations that have become famous over the years, such as Doña Manolita or  La Bruixa d`Or , have awarded many prizes.

Maxiapuestas is one of the administrations that sells the most online Christmas Lottery . Undoubtedly, these are some of the administrations where the Christmas lottery plays the most .

Thus, we hope to be able to distribute many prizes in the next draw!



Amazon Christmas lottery?

Does Amazon sell Christmas Lottery ? The truth is that we do not know. However, you should know that Amazon is not an official distributor of State Lotteries and Bets. From our point of view, we recommend you buy your lottery in official administrations, official offices or in small shops. If you want to buy Christmas lottery online, you can do it from this same web page. Maxiapuestas is an official office for the distribution of State Lotteries and Bets. Amazon Christmas Lottery? Much better at maxiapuestas.es !



Can I collect a broken tenth?

The truth is that collecting a broken lottery ticket can be a really complex process. So be careful when guarding your tenth, because you could be left without a prize. Forgetting your tenth in your pants pocket and accidentally putting it in the washing machine is more common than you think. In the event that your deteriorated tenth has been awarded, you must go to your administration. The administration will send the tenth to the State Lotteries and Betting Recognition Service so that they can verify its authenticity. It will be this department that is responsible for reconstructing the ticket and determining its validity. 

If you want to avoid unfortunate accidents, we encourage you to buy Christmas lottery online on the Maxiapuestas platform. We will send you a scanned copy of the tenth and we will keep the physical copy in our administration. In this way you will preserve the integrity of your ticket with all the guarantees.



Christmas Lottery 2023: Christmas Announcement

Emotion and tradition. A classic of the Christmas dates. We still have to wait for the most anticipated announcement of the year: The 2023 Christmas lottery announcement.

You will be able to see it right here, when it is published.




Are you looking for the Child"s Lottery?

In Maxiapuestas you can also buy the child"s lottery and the King"s lottery online. You just have to click on the link and choose your dream number. For all!

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