29 de October de 2020
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Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad
Draw date
Tuesday, December 22, 2020
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20,00 €
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Buy your tenth of Christmas Lottery online

Do you want to buy Christmas lottery online? In Maxiapuestos you can find the tenth with your dream number to play the Christmas Lottery Draw.

The countdown has already begun. The event that fills the whole country with enthusiasm will be celebrated on Spain on December 22. In Maxiapuestos we want to make it easy for you and that is why we offer you the online Christmas lottery sale service.

Playing the lottery online with Maxiapuestos is easy and fast. Through our tenth search engine you can locate your favorite number and buy it directly without leaving your home. You can make the payment with your credit card, with bank transfer, with iupay or with the balance of your user account. Once you finish your purchase, we will send you your tenth by mail.

The price of each tenth is 20 euros, exactly the same as if you come to buy it at our lottery administration in Gijón. On the other hand, we guarantee that the purchase is 100% safe. Maxiapuestos is the receiving office number 35680 of the State Lottery and State Betting Society.

Remember that you can buy Christmas Lottery 2019 until the day before the Draw. Have you thought what you would do if this year is your turn? Stop dreaming and go for the fat one!


Christmas Lottery: El Gordo

As you know, the Christmas Lottery draw is done with two drums, one where the balls with the numbers are collected and the other, which contain the prizes to be distributed. The children of San Ildefonso will be responsible for distributing the fortune among the 100,000 numbers issued for this draw, ranging from 00000 to 99.999. This is the name of the First Prize for the Christmas Lottery draw. This year, the Gordo prize is € 4,000,000 to the series.


Check Christmas Lottery 2019

Do you want to know your tenth has been awarded? In Maxiapuestos you can check all the winning combinations since the end of the draw. Access our platform to see all the official results of State Lotteries and Betting.



Origin of the Christmas Lottery Draw

The first Christmas Lottery draw took place in 1811, during the Napoleonic War. The draw took place in Cádiz, the only city that resisted the French invasion. Ciriaco González Carvajal, the then minister of the Council and Chamber of the Indies, decided to boost the raffle to raise money for the coffers of the State, which had to face the costs of the War of Independence.

Despite going through various political and economic crises, the Spaniards came every year to the call of the Christmas Lottery, seeking to be one of the lucky ones for the jackpot, or for any of the many prizes that are distributed.

Even during the Civil War, the Christmas raffle continued to distribute prizes. As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that when Spain was fragmented into two (republicans and nationals) two different draws were held, in Burgos and in Barcelona.

The Christmas lottery continues to grow and awaken the illusion of all citizens.

There are many prizes waiting for you at the Christmas Lottery Draw. Choose your tenth in Maxiapuestos. Who says this year can"t touch you?












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