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1- How to buy Lottery and Active Games from SELAE Online?

As simple as adding your bets to the cart. All orders can be paid with the balance of your virtual account (available when entering balance and obtaining prizes), credit card and bank transfer, with no fees or expenses of any kind. Buy your Lottery and always bet at the official price.

Buy National Lottery, Christmas Lottery and Children"s Lottery
In the National Lottery section, select a lottery and the number of lottery numbers you wish to add to your shopping cart.

Play EuroMillions, Primitiva, Bonoloto, Primitive Gordo, Quiniela and Quinigol
Access the corresponding game and place your bets by dialing the numbers on the electronic ticket. This ticket also offers advanced options such as access to quick plays, set up tickets, select reduced plays and consult statistics. Press the button Confirm Bet, when you have finished, to add your bet to the shopping cart.

Buy Peñas Holdings
In our Peñas section we offer participations created specifically for group play. Each club plays multiple and optimized bets from one or more games, which increases the odds of winning at a lower cost. Select the number of participations you want from each Peña and add them to your cart.

Confirm your purchase
You can add as many items as you wish, as well as remove them from the cart (delete them), at any time.Then you will be asked to indicate how you want to pay for your order (through your user account balance, credit card or bank transfer) and what you want us to do with your order (send it to you, in the case of lottery tenths, or leave it in deposit in the administration, to avoid shipping costs).Finally, if you are not registered, you will be asked for your personal information in order to send your order, communicate the outcome of your bets, etc.

2- Payment methods

We currently have 3 forms of payment available; user account, credit card or bank transfer. Whether you pay with your virtual account balance or credit / debit card payments are made immediately, the system validates the order once the payment is confirmed and your order will be in the process of validation.

If the payment is made by bank transfer or Income in our account (La Caixa ATMs), keep in mind that until we receive the deposit in our bank, we will not validate your order. If they are individual bets, the payment must arrive before closing times.

3- Safe trading

Maxiapuestas.com uses a Secure Server Certificate to securely authenticate the server in Interntet and allow users to create a secure encrypted connection using the SSL cryptographic protocol, which allows creating a secure encrypted connection. From the moment of connection, the data sent to our website and from it are protected so that other people can not access them from the Internet. 

In any case, Maxiapuestas.com never has access to or stores any credit card data or bank accounts of customers. All payment data are managed directly between the client and the banking entities through the CES platform (Secure Electronic Purchase) of the banks with which it operates, under the international protocols Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, which provides high security and protection in payments.
In Maxiapuestas you can save your card with a system encrypted by REDSYS, for which you will only be asked for a pin sent by SMS in case of orders over € 50.

Maxiapuestas.com does not have access, at any time, to the data of the credit cards of its clients. All transactions are made from secure payment gateways.
When a payment is made with a card other than the banking entity with which it is operating, the payment gateway is put in contact with the issuing bank to authenticate the transaction, in this way, only the owner of the card can operate with your card in our store.

If you can not operate your card in Secure Electronic Commerce, contact your bank or access the bank"s website to authorize the use of your card in your Secure Electronic Commerce. This process is free and will only take a few minutes. From this moment you can use your card to make online purchases with full security guarantees.

4- Collection of prizes

Once each raffle is celebrated, we communicate the results and automatically pay the prizes in your user account if you are registered, with the available balance you can continue to buy or withdraw funds from the collection of prizes section of your account.
When the prizes are higher than € 40.000. There is a withholding tax of 20%, we present the ticket to the collection in the authorized payer bank and we will ask for the necessary documentation to be able to manage the collection in your name, the bank issues a bank transfer directly to your account if it is Spanish.
When the beneficiary is not resident in Spain, the documentation that we request is different, and in this case we will indicate the personal and detailed way to proceed.

5- Prizes in National Lottery draws

Thursday"s Lottery
Each week, this prize draws 212.701 prizes worth 12,601,709.28 euros.The maximum amount that can be obtained by a player who participates in the draw on Thursday with a tenth is € 30,000, and the minimum prize is € 3, also known as reimbursement.
Saturday"s ordinary and extraordinary draws
Each week, this prize draws 358,411 prizes worth 42,070,847.31 euros.The maximum amount that can get a player who participates in the drawing of Saturday with a tenth of 6 €. is 60,000 €., and the minimum prize is 6 €.
Christmas Lottery
Lotteries and State Betting issues annually, on the occasion of the Christmas draw, 165 series composed of 100,000 tickets each. Consequently, as each ticket costs € 200. SELAE puts on sale a total of 3.300.000.000 €.Of this amount collected, the public body destines to prizes a 70%, that is to say, 2,310,000,000 €.
Lottery of the Child
Lotteries and State Betting issues, on the occasion of this drawing of El Niño, 45 series composed of 100,000 tickets each. Consequently, as each ticket costs 200 euros SELAE puts on sale 900,000,000 €. Of this amount collected, the public body destines to prizes a 70%, that is to say, 630.000.000 €. And, in particular, the maximum that can be obtained by participating with a tenth of € 20 is € 200,000. and the minimum prize is € 20.

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