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Play in online lottery syndicates

What are online lottery syndicates?


An online lottery syndicate is a group of people who come together to place bets through a web platform. There are multiple options, either play the lottery in a group or be part of the online pool pools.


This is a great alternative if you want to increase your chances of winning. When playing in a group , more bets can be made. In this way, the money played is increased, and consequently, the chances of being successful.


How do online lottery syndicates work?


For an online peña to work, the most important thing to keep in mind is its participants. Without them, the rock would not exist. These people are in charge of making the necessary contributions to place the bets and so that, in this way, the person in charge of the club can stamp the tickets with the money collected It is possible that there are people who have more than one participation in the same draw to have a greater benefit in case of success, since the prizes are distributed equally among all the players according to their contributions and the participations are limited.


Within the clubs there is a person responsible for placing the bets, keeping them and finally distributing the prizes. In this case, from Maxiapuestas we take care of the entire process, from the collection to the participants, the validation of the bets, the collection of benefits, the distribution of benefits among the participants... Our objective is that the people who play in our syndicates only have to enter the amount they want to play and wait for the results.


How is profit sharing done?


In the case of winning a prize, the Maxiapuestas management would be in charge of collecting it and, subsequently, making the distribution equally according to the number of participations that each player has.


Depending on the amount earned for the prize, it may or may not be taxable. In the event that the lottery tax imposed by the Treasury has to be applied, all participants must identify themselves to collect the prize to apply the corresponding withholding of the prize obtained.


Advantages of playing in online lottery syndicates


Every day there are more players who choose to place bets with other players over the Internet, what we call online clubs. There are several advantages to playing as a team versus playing solo:


  • More players, more chance of success: When you play as a team, you increase the chance that luck will find you. Playing 1 euro alone is not the same as playing 200, 500 or 1,000 euros in a group.


  • Lower investment: The contributions made by the participants are very low amounts of money, but when they come together they become much more tempting amounts to play with.


  • Ease of play: You are just one click away from playing. In the clubs, different combinations and participation prices are proposed every week, it is simply enough to fill in the data required by the website to play, without having to think or make any extra effort.



Play in the Maxiapuestas online clubs


In Maxiapuestas we have different modalities for you to play in our club in a simple and safe way. Choose your favorite modality: Bonoloto, Euromillion or La Quiniela and dare to tempt fate.


Our clubs are free, there are no commissions for the management of the participations, therefore, from the minimum amount established to play you can be part of our family.


In addition, you can always check the participation that we propose for each week, the description of the bets, the scrutiny of the different draws and the prizes awarded so far. And you, what are you waiting for to start playing with us?

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