05 de December de 2020
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Professional group play systems

Every week we have our usual clubs available:

  • Maxiprimitiva: In which we play reduced combinations with good guarantees to optimize the possibilities of reward.
  • La Quiniela de Maxi: In which we play multiple reduced in which we also apply some condition.
  • Eventually we also sell other EuroMillions, Bonoloto, etc., according to the boats that have been generated.


We have advanced software to generate advanced plays. We use Quiniwin software, CoverMaster, etc.
We also do Peñas for the Christmas Lottery draw.
All our clubs are made without extra charge. The prizes are distributed proportionally to the amount played.

Go ahead and play with us, we are fans of combinatorics. Our best prize is to distribute prizes.

Professional Lottery Participation Systems

We have the best programs to customize lottery participations.
In  addition, we automate the management of the sale of participation in  associations and the collection of prizes through various digital  platforms.
In this way, organizations can ignore the payment of prizes since customers can receive their prizes through an online platform.
To facilitate the work of selling the shares we have paper and / or online sales systems.
On  paper: We have the safest management technology. The participations  will have a barcode and a unique QR code for their control and  management.Online: Organizations can also have a personalized online  platform to sell and manage their shares.We have the possibility through  the QR code of the participation of, in case of prize, that customers  collect the shares, after registration, on our website. Then they can  request a transfer to the account number they indicate from their  customer panel.
Some examples of our works are:

Lottery for companyes

For Christmas Draw can make reservations in advance, we have the lottery since July.


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